Respected Houston Attorney Helps Clients Draft Enforceable Wills

Experienced Texas lawyer creates comprehensive and effective estate plans

Failing to arrange your affairs in advance can lead to negative consequences for the people you love. At Stagg and Associates, PLLC in Houston, our firm assists clients throughout Southeast Texas with the preparation of wills and other estate planning matters. We are skilled at developing documents that reflect clients’ needs and wishes. Since 2002, our team has employed a broad and nuanced perspective to achieve clients’ goals, and we are comfortable structuring and evaluating estates of all sizes. Our attorney will thoroughly examine your situation and determine which solutions best address your concerns.

What do you need to create a valid will?

A well-drafted will is the backbone of a good estate plan and key to maintaining control over property. In Texas, a will is valid only if:

  • The person creating the will (the testator) has the legal capacity to execute a binding legal document
  • The testator is of sound mind
  • The testator intends to record how their property will be distributed upon death
  • In the case of a handwritten will, the document is in the testator’s handwriting and signed by him or her.
  • In the case of a typed will, the document is signed in front of two witnesses, who are also required to sign.

Our attorney knows the right questions to ask and will work to ensure your last testament holds up in court.

Why is it so important to keep your will updated?

A will can only be effective if it accurately reflects the testator’s intentions. Big life changes, such as marriage, divorce or birth, can dramatically shift what is appropriate and possible and should trigger an immediate discussion about potential revisions. In addition, regular reviews of your will should also be conducted to verify the provisions remain valid and reflect your current wishes. Our attorney is highly skilled at creating enforceable and effective wills and will perform a detailed analysis of your documents.

What is the purpose of a guardian?

The testator’s wishes for who should be appointed as guardian of their minor child/children can be addressed in a document that accompanies the will. A guardian will be able to legally make decisions regarding the child’s upbringing the same way their parent would have. Guardianship issues are often complicated and emotional, and our firm will look for the best solution.

How can optimizing your estate plan help you reach your goals?

Well-crafted estate plans evolve with you and are constructed to fulfill your objectives just as you intended. This may involve additional documents, such as establishing trusts, establishing powers of attorney and healthcare directives or engaging in strategic gift giving. Determining the right approach starts with outlining your goals, and then implementing the methods most likely to achieve them. Our attorney will take the time to fully understand your objectives and offer proven strategies to support your intentions.

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